Friday, January 30, 2009

bye Phua Chu Kang

we arrived here back in malaysia yesterday petang naik bus tidur all the way for 5 hours...

we had an extremely great super duper good time in singapore all tho so much shit things happened since our 1st day.

shit thing that happened to us:

1st day: we missed our flight (7.30am) sbb makan nasi lemakkkk! arggg so had to buy new flight (10.30am) tix which cost 3x the price of the first tix!

2nd day: went to sentosa island and dah beli the attraction tix but then x sempat masuk the fort siloso sbb dah tutup!! burn lagi duit! adoiiii

3rd day: went to snow city pastu si rooney lost her camera memory card

4th day: went to theme park sampai2 escape theme park, it was closed rupenye die x bukak on week days.. thank god the wild wild wet theme park was open!

5th day: x de benda malang yeay!

besides shit happens we also had a great time and byk benda bertuah berlaku!

1st day: made new friend with org air asia yg ajak we all pg singapore next time with her for shopping! and make new friends dgn photographer singapore zoo!

2nd day: made new friend with sabran the s***** picker! hahaha.. yeah anise pon make new friend with b*****! and sgt byk mamat berdarahhh! ohhhh.. haha

3rd day: we did lots of shopping!

4th day: at wild wild wet pon we made new friends dgn life guard sane *wooot*!! hahaha.. and anise mate juling byk sgt benjol and 7e !

5th day: yess we all x miss the bus back to malaysia!!! yeehaaaa!

wel we did made lots of new friends there!

currently listening to: the strokes - you only live once



Juliana Edgar said...

HAHAHAHA! Sdp sgt ke weh nasi lemak smpi missed flight!

hana said...

hahaha.. x sedap pon!!
tu laa i nk bakar asian kitchen kat lcct tu!

-hakimah.iskandar* said...

can i say i'm jealous?

best nyaaaaaaa
fun gylaaaa ! :D

hana said...

hahaha.. ok laaa tp we had fun tpp dammm air asia tinggal kan ktorg!!

Zuriani Y. said...

ada bungkus i laki berdarah? kyla a janji nak bungkuskan i laki berdarah satu

hana said...

ohh ade kot!
bangla singapore utk yan satuuu!

Anonymous said...

cineblast tu mcm lwk i rase. sbb mse mula mula kene dga rules die sume igtkan tgk kt situ. haha. padahal ade bilik sebelah. luge n skyride tu syokkkkkk!

Anonymous said...


hana said...