Sunday, February 1, 2009


tomorrow class starts!
and i m super duper lazy bam bam to start this new semester!
holiday mood is still on going!
can't wait for the next holiday 23march! hahaha

ohh on our last day in singapore we went to 7e at geylang sbb anise nak jumpa mr.K before pulang ke tanah air! haha

and he gave me a fortune cookies.. guess what my fortune cookie says???

take a break if you have been working too hard!

yesss i guess ive been working extreamly hard for my finals and i should really use this opportunity to have loads and loads of fun then! heheh

btw the cookies wass sedappp! mcm nak lagiiii~~

p/s: anise u x bg tau lg ape fortune cookie u ckp???



Zuriani Y. said...

nak jugak!

anise rooney said...

mine was like erm..

-thn nie kaya


we'll see lah kan

i rindu k!
hariz dah muncul
apa cite??

Zuriani Y. said...

ok anise da kaya tu belanja la aku

hana said...

rinduu k??
ahh windududud!
harizz tu mmg meletop!
tp si syafiq tu menyepi je!