Sunday, January 11, 2009


ok exams over!

im very2 happy! bcos i really2 dont like exams!

3 weeks of holiday..

here goes the plan:

-spend time with my family
-shopping with friends
-hang out with the Kazens
-Picnic with the Selat ( hopefully jd 3rd time planning ni! )
-jogging (atas treadmill je) every day!
-going to Phua with ritchie and roony and???
-maisarah's aunt wedding
-finished up the novels i bought since end of 2005!! hahaha.. gile x habis lg!
-watching movies i've downloaded from cybertreker
-thought of doing some business but idk how... (yess i need money! nak pg phua..)
-finished up my collage which i plan to do last semester..
-learn to play the keyboard tru youtube! haha
-and pray hard really hard cos on the 3rd week result coming out and ready for supp ( i dont want u supp.. do let me pass!) * sigh* )=

.. more to c0me!

currently listening to : Explosions In The Sky - Six Days At The Bottom Of The Ocean



Kickyla Who said...

jual condome la weyh .treadmill? Hahahah , I teringat kisah I naik treadmill kat pusat sukan UM dulu tu , lps tu treadmill tu taknak stop, lps tu terjerit2 suruh wani cabut plug. you ada ke tak hah hangman time tu?

hana said...

haha.. i x ingat lahh.
tp penah gak pg gym um dulu dgn u..

AMIRAWR ! said...

lawak lah you hana.


hana said...

jom jom klua!!
u mcm mane ok?

Juliana Edgar said...

Ya I tau you tgh ckp psl nk blnja I shopping dr dulu tp tak jadi2.
Ok set jom!

hana said...

haha.. tunggu i dapat mara loan yg x tau akan dapat or x! haiiishh!