Thursday, January 15, 2009


today haD been a busy day for me!

i woke up early morning and siapkan all the stuff that i need to do today since my mum dah set a deadline which is this saturday!


soo bagun today at 8.30am then guling sane guling sini..
9am br dapat bagun dr katil.. then had breakfast tp x tau nak mkn ape.. so pg dapur and cari brownies! yeahhhhh sgt sedap!!! mestilah hana yg buat! haha

lepas tu search tru the internet nak cr produa punye service centre nak pasang seat belt kereta..
dah dapat number then call die suruh datang sane nak buat appointment! arggghhh malas gile nak mamposs..

then call mmu nak ask about my mara loan yg still x de berita! then org tu like usual x de lg dah 3weeks ok!


then had my shower and zoooooom pg pos office nak bank in ASB..
sampai je parking lot giant tu dah x de! ooohhh dimanakah ia menghilang?..
so had to park dekat mydin and sane pon x de parking.. dammit!
dah 7 kali tawaf parking mydin still x de rezeki and yess ive give up.. dah malas and nak balik rumah! suddenly ade parking! weeeeeeee~~
so dr mydin have to walk quite far laa mcm merentas desa sbb gate tepi giant tu pon dah tutup so kene lalu main gate.. arghhh lg sekali!
sampai post office amek number yess i like the number 2080! but then it took 1 hr for my turn.. arghh again!

soo got back home and call produa glemarie just to asked if i have to bring any document and...
tadaaa... yeay die ckp x yah datang sane and i dh dapat buat appointment for my car!! yahoooo!

appointment: 14 October 2009, 11.50am

what the *&^%$ gile lame nak mamposs! 10 month from now!
soo mr police dont saman me im innocent!

text umi and told her x jd pg glenmarie and we went to sunway!
hehe.. i nak cari a few brg b4 pg Phua but then umi got everything that she wanted and i got nothing!!

then ptg got to send my sister pg her violin class!

since im soo bz today x sempat jog atas treadmill.. haiyahh!

to: richie.
nnt we have to go shopping b4 going to phua i still x jumpa manggis ajaib!



Juliana Edgar said...

Haha bc psl yr loan bt I tringt psl krgn I bg you smpi you 10 kali tarik nfs tu HAHAHA!

hana said...

tau x pe!!