Sunday, January 18, 2009


just got back from BORA OMBAK somewhere in ampang.. had dinner there with my mum, brother, dad and his officemates... its a nice place to go with good environment (except for the sports complex next to it) and the food is kinda nice too ( i ate spaggethi, tandoori chicken, jelly, and caramel custard)..

at the moment chatting with rooney the makaroni, stella the nelah and mimin si jambang..

rooneythemakaroni: busy discussing about Phua trip and start to merepek at the end. jgn lupa bw glove pg phua nak main snow and maggie asam laksa!! wee~~~

stellatheneleh: discuss about tomorrow plan to meet shahira sbb si richie dah kepunan mascara vs die!

miminsijambang: mmg dah merepek dr awal...

very2 sleepy but extreamly excited about our trip to phua next week!!!

currently listening to: Friendly Fires - strobe


now the time is 1.46am, good night and good morning..!


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