Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Comeback Kid!

its good, its not. after a very long time i decided to write again. not that my writings are good or whatever. *sigh* so, just bear with what i'm writing. yeay!

today was ver fun and interesting i might say. banyak gilaaa orang interesting. they all made me go gaga gugu gigi over them. HAHAHA! sampai kene marah oke! and its not good. atleast i will not skip that class. yeahh kudosss!

lately, i have been addicted with the sims 2. yess,i', playing game simulator. its an interesting game. sape yang taktahu sims 2 ni apa, ia adalah game orang! haha. kene bagi makan minum etc. technically, its something like digimon but human/sims! been playing for years,but on and off. now,i just cant stop playing it. i have my own freaking family now! 3 children,now enrolling in university. but one of them got bitten by a vampire, so hes edward cullen now. it think its soo COOOOOLL! way cooler than Edward C. hehe. i think you should start playing it too! its addictivee! tooo addictive. you just cant stop. mcm hiphop you cant stop! hahaha.

for now, there's no shit happening in my life. i'm just blessed. FOR NOW.

-M- :)


Zuriani Y. said...

nak installer!!!!!! nak nak!

Juliana Edgar said...

Haha I tgok yr label, HOT HOT HEAT, I tringt HOTTIE HOT HOTTIE! Dia byk sama cls doh now.

Luis Portugal said...

It has a nice blog.
Sorry not write more, but my English is bad writing.
A hug from my country, Portugal

To je lijep blog.
Žao mi je ne pisati više, ali moj hrvatski je loše napisano.
A zagrliti iz moje zemlje, Portugala

anonymous junks -.- said...
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maisarahh! said...

yan: sorry yan i pinjam cd org.

jue: omg! i lupa betul pasal dia wehhh!

Anonymous said...

you were being scolded by me or your bf? hahaha. ternyata maisarah gila. ceyh. rambang mata you yeh class english kita tu.

maisarahh! said...

hahhaha. what bf?!? i know its you la anim or is it shah? hahaha