Monday, February 23, 2009

Memories Never Fade

last weekend hana, anim and i went to melaka! after a year or is it a few months we left. haha. it was very fun entertaining weekend thanks to june who lets us crash her house and jue who became our 2 days and 2 nights entertainer/"speaker masjid", full with gossips and fun.

melaka has changed from what i remembered, the hostel is birdshitless! bila aku pindah baru nak takdeee!! the campus is naked, naked means theres no trees at all; they've cut it all down and now mmu melaka is becoming as hot as cyber. yay to that! haha. everything has change. maybe for the best i guess.

oh oh oh! june is now a "princess"! look how sweet she is now. isnt she gorgeous or what! hahaha. her hobby is to play dota! haha.


Juliana Edgar said...

Fine la I speaker masjid. Siod doh Hanim! HAHA campus dh TOGEL.

hana said...

rinduuu rinduuu rinduuu smua.. rinduuu swift!

Juliana Edgar said...

Hahaha! ORANGIE babeee!

P/S : Word verification I - ORACIEN.
Hahah tk psl

Anonymous said...

aku plak kene yer?! hahahaha.
elleh hana swift yeh. number plat pls!

-hakimah.iskandar* said...

wahh really ke da potong sume?
haih da lama tak pegy melaka
miss the good old days :(

hana said...

miss anonymoues aka hanim.. gune jelaa name u! hehe