Sunday, March 22, 2009


currently im addicted to skins season 3!! yeahh...

and im in love with effy and freddie!!! OMG they're both hot and look good together...


Freddie: I brought your bracelet back.
Effy: Thanks.
Freddie: We'd be good together. Don't you think?
Effy: No.
Freddie: Why?
Effy: Because I'd break your heart
Freddie: Maybe I'll break yours.
Effy: Nobody breaks my heart. And anyway, why would I want that



Maisarahh! said...

Haha. Told you would like this!

Btw, you mesti suka tgk part part yg ehem ehem kaaan?

hana said...

haha.. mane ade...
i suka part freddie and effy!!

Anonymous said...

Kaya's mine!

But you guys should watch series 1 & 2.

Zuriani Y. said...

ouh ya i da tengok s1 n s2. jaw dropping scenes. haha

aleea mazland said...

hi yall..
for the new series nih,
i lav freddie fucken much
sayang watak chris dalam
series 1 & 2 sudah mati...

hana said...