Sunday, March 8, 2009

i'm alive!

Although this blog seems to be half-dead for the past one months (thanks to mai for keep updating stuff!), but thank God! I’m still alive, and still trying to smile (although im financially broke!) :)

soo today was a boring day.. i woke up, had breakfast, watch the telly, go online, watch the telly, go online again, then ask my mum to cut my hair malas nak pg saloon but then mama potong senget!!! nnt kene pg saloon jugak (adoi)!, then sambung watching the telly, and again go online! sigh! dunno what else to do for now nak tunggu sampai mlm for a friend bbq (itu pun x sure pg ke tak)

so then i tot of writing something here but then i forgot my email and password for this blog.. dammmn! so i text mai for the password.. adoiii mude2 dah lupe!

soo here it goes..

Friday, 28th February: Uncle Chili's, PJ Hilton

Umi's 20th birthday! (Happy bday dear!)

Umi's day (birthday girl: the one sitting next to me!)

meet umi there at 10.30pm all we did was dance the whole night (but i dont dance alot!hehe)!
and i was starving like hell so we just ate muruku and drink coke! (i think i drank more than 5 glass!)

the live band sang umi birthday song.. how sweet!!

arond 2am, we went to pelita and ate our dinner (or is it supper or breakfast? whicheva!)

went back to wani's house by4am and we chit chatting untill 5 then off to bed!
then woke up at 8am (yeah 3hr sleep) and drove wani to UM since she got something on and for me i went straight to subang.. *i feel like a zombie!* sampai rumah i terus zzZzz sampai ptg

overall: i had fun but a bit tired sbb ptg tu went shopping with wani!


Wednesday, 4th March: JASON MRAZ, Stadium Negara.

*got this pic from*

it was freaking awesome !!

seriously im not a big fan of him but then after the concert im starting to like him! :)

i heard there was around 9000 ppl.. OMG no wonder the stadium negara wass damm hot!
semua org jerit keluarkan haba!!

the standing pit was so crowded.. fortunately i bought the cheapest tix (yeah im broke!) so i duduk je laa dekat belakang tu if not i dah pengsan dkt bwh tu!

so i think the concert was around 90mins and he sang 12-13 songs i guess...

and we also did the yadayadayada-dudududu-yalalalala thinggy with him! he really knows how to entertain the crowd!

the cool thing was that he took his picture and his band member using Polaroid and threw it to the crowd *scream*.. i wonder who got it..

overall: super duper awesome!!


Friday, 6th March : Piccadilly, PJ

went to Piccadilly (not to sure how it spelled) and yeahh it took us about 1hr to reach there and we all sesat sbb x tau jalan! haha
and we all pusing dekat round-a-bout 3 pusingan x tau nak masuk pukul berapa *pening*

reason going there: to celebrate AMIRAWWWR 19th birthday!! (happy bday dear)

we bought her cupcakes!. and took some silly photo of us! haha

overall: fun! and i was soooo full..

p/s: sorry for so many grammar mistake!

hoping to get free F1 ticket (Im totally broke) for this coming April.. any free ticket??

currently listening to: royksopp-what else is there



Muhammad Abdul Muhaimin said...

perghh gila tough gambar yg bawah skali tu! ahaha hatko abis;p

hana said...

haha.. wahai encik mimin x nampak u langsung dkt cyber!

Juliana Edgar said...

The Jock angau JM!

umie said...

hana ! i nk buat correction,, its my 21st bday yea