Sunday, March 22, 2009

Me want's to move with Pharrell!

Last night was AWESOME SICK!! Performance was awesome! Watched Estrella, where Liyana sings her heart out. I didn't expect her voice would be so angelic. Wayyyy better than listening to the album. Then The Otherside of the Orchestra, a hell of a singer too! Fuhhhh. Everything was Awesome! Hahaha. Then, NIDJIIII!!!!! Everyone was singing along. After hours of waiting, the time has come for the performance that I've been waiting for! It wasssss, drumline... N.E.R.D!! Hahaha. Pharrell was oh-so-HOT! I feel like crying when I get to see him. There were constant screaming, jumping and hand waving! Damnnnn. I wished I was up there on stage and hug him. Well maybe, I'm just not "HOT" enough like the other 15 or so girls who get to be on stage dancing like _ _ _ _ _ . Hahaha. Arghhhhhhhhh. Theres no word to describe it you'll just have to watch this video.


hana said...

girls dancing like a ??????
tell me laa! haha

u hot ape mai!!

Maisarahh! said...

HAHAHA. Adalaaa. Kalau selasa tak keluar tak bgtau. Amira cuti!