Tuesday, December 30, 2008


i just love being at home. cyber is just too boring..
but im supposed to be studying and not having too much fun. but every day kluar and buku x sentuh langsung!
exam is just around the corner and i am sooo damm malassss nak belajar!
so maybe ill be starting to belajar for my final after new year *hope so*

new year resolutions:

1.no more malas-malas lg!
-this is a MUST! (pg libry.. pg libry.. pg libry) duduk bilik tido or online je keje!

2.kurangkan shopping.. *sigh*
-yeah mama and papa and my siblings, dah bising me shopping to much.. tp x tahan nak beli brg!

3.i think i have to kurang kan eating sweet things like ice-cream, chocolate and sweet!
- just love to eat ice cream and sweets and chocolate (yes ni pon i x boleh tahan)! adoiii x nak gigi rongak x nak kene diabetis..

4. do more exercise!!!!
-early this semester me and maisarah plan to jog every monday ptg but then ia hanya berjalan for 1 day! adoiiiiiiii..

well i pon x sure ape lg nak tulis...
bye nak kluar shopping before the sales end!



U said...

hana,,, ok i'll remind u all d time about ur number 2 azam tu !!

hana said...

hahaha... ok. tp i nak kurang kan doesnt mean i x shopping langsung! heeeee..


gdluck, gdluck, gdluck fr your 2009 resolutions yaww !
fui-fui-fui (:

U said...

ohh pndi u buat azam eyh,, so tricky azam u !!

mizuraesa said...

u kan dah kurus! nk exercise buat pe? makan je chocs n ice cream tuh! hahaha