Monday, December 15, 2008

love you, love me.


1. If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?

---I would make him suffer then break upsss!

2. What will you do if you do not share the same feelings as the person who likes you?
---I will just ignore him until he finds a new victim. haha

3. What if question number two was the other way around?
---haha. this is hard, but happens all the time. I will never express my true feelings. Its a mater of chances he will like me too. If he do,the yeay! If NOT, then boohoo!

4. Would you rather be dumped by your BOYFRIEND or see him cheating on you?
--- Ofcourse I'd rather being dump! If you let him cheat on you, well that's stupid of you.

5. What`s your ideal lover like?
---Ofcourse a perfect one, but there's none! To me a caring, not so sweet and who loves me is enough. (: (:

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
---Can i choose both? Haha

7. If the person you like does not accept you, would you continue for them to change their feelings?
---HAHA! I will not answer this question. Muy Bien.

8. If the person you like is already attached, what would you do?
-If i really do like him, I'll wait. But, then theres a probability he wont like me back even hes broken up.(This does happen, and it did) Somehow, when time goes by it does not matter. MOVE ON LAA!

9. If you could leave everything behind and go to a place to start anew, where would it be?
--- EUROPE! Banyak nude beach wooo. hahahaha

10. What do you want most in your life?
---I want clean and safe environment so that i can start a family and live happily ever after! haha. Well, i also want a career. (:

11. Is being tagged fun?
---YEAHHH! I get to read other people's opinion.

12. If you find out that your best friend is going out with your boyfriend or girlfriend, how would you react?
---WOAHH, thats harsh baby! I would confront them. Make them suffer!(YES, IM EVIL)

13. Who is currently the most important person/s to you?
---My family, Friends and HEHEHEHE. :)

14. You always loved *fill in the blank* _________________________ ?
---Sleeping, Eating, Lazing around doing nothing, Hanging out, and bla bla bla

15. Would you give your all in a relationship?
---Yes i guess. Being loved is nice, but to be loved you must love someone first. Haha. Sorry I'm no good in this love thing.

16. What type of friends do you like?
---The type that I'm having now. I LOVE YOUU BEBEH!xoxo.

20. If you played a prank on someone, and he or she fell for the trick, what would you do?


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