Wednesday, December 17, 2008

clase de espanol!

well i'm supposed to study for microeconomics midterm today, i even got scold by hana. "mai, study mai. nak dpt A tak midterm" haha. she's always do that, and that's made me love her more and more.

well, this post is not about that. it's about my spanish lecturer. YAY! somehow, anim and me thinks he looked like vin diesel! Si vin diesel. but, obviously not as hot as him for that matter. who carees kan? he loves to smile and made us speak spanish. sekejap cakap spanish susah, skejap cakap senang. i dont know now. then again, hes a nice person and open for any queries on spanish. oh yeah i forgot, his name is JOEL LAFFITA as in Yoel Laffita. si its complicated.
this is vin diesel

this is him, senor Joel. the picture is rather blur, i had to zoom the camera. can you see the difference?

-M- (:


hana said...

hahaha. i lap u too!

Milad said...

ha ha ha
Currently I'm studying at MMU and taking Spanish with this guy , your guess was so acurate he is like vin diesel lol it made me laugh for one hour =))))
but he's enough of a harsh teacher he's not that patient