Thursday, November 27, 2008

wishlist baby wishlist!

i want a lomo camera! thats what i really want. dah 2 tahun nak beli benda tu. tapi bila nak beli je mesti out of stock! im soo sad. nak kumpul duit punya lah lama. pastu tak boleh beli. haihh.

lomo has several different types of models to choose from. but i want the diana+. it cost rm190+. to me this camera is so cool! though its plastic it captures beautiful yet interesting pictures. its dreamy, color drench, blurry effect results sure to captivates your eyes, and maybe makes you want to get one. by using diana+ or any other lomo pun you'll get different
effect every single time. orang cakap, kalau guna lomo ni nak tangkap gmbr tak boleh fikir, terus click je. so you dont need to photoshop your pictures! thats the best part. for all you dslr owners boo hoo! hahaaha.

well, the disadvantages of this camera is you'll need to use
film because its not digital and will never be, so you'll have to process the picture first then baru boleh tengok gambar. im so sorry folks! nak process memang mahal, but the result will sure satisfy you and memang takkan fikir dua kali dah.

here's some of the pictures. memang confirm tak payah edit punya. this i promise you (:

so, sesiapa yang banyak duit tu tolong lah belikan camera ni pleasee! hahaha.


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